Best tutorials / learning resources (in your opinion!)


I played around with bubble a year or so ago and learned some of the basics on youtube and from playing around with the templates. I found that as i learned a new thing I ended up going back and changing everything i had started on for my app.

This was an interesting learning experience but now that I am back and im sure lots has changed I would like to sign up for a course to get a really good understanding of how people build their apps so i can start my new project with a better plan. Im sure i will go back and re-do it 10 times but the hope is that with a bit more structure I will avoid it until necessary.

How did you learn? Are there any courses that are considered far and above the rest? I am happy to pay for them - especially if by paying i get access to additional templates / plugins.

Zeroqode looks good, loads of tutorials and an option of lifetime membership - has anyone signed up to it and worked through the projects? - doesnt look like much content has been added but I like the idea of the machine learning chatbot!

I’m sure there are loads more - have you used any paid tutorial services? If you have any suggestions please point me in the right direction and feel free to use referral links :slight_smile:



There are many resources to learn Bubble, and I am pleased.

My first source is

I’m not sure, but I think we should thanks to @NigelG for that.

Then I bought a template for the problems, which I thought was the solution to those problems. Most of them were Zeroqode.

And Gaby @romanmg , you’ll have to open brackets to her too. She have very valuable tutorials. I often took advantage of them for free and paid.

Then Airdev released Canvas. I think I learned from Canvas was more than all the temples I’ve ever bought. Then they started to offer very useful publications with Canvas.

And of course the forum. Very, very different people solved my completely different problems.

Now I can create complex applications. The most useful resource ranking for me would be


Thank you to the whole community for this.


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