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Best Use of Workflows - Need Advice

I am trying to build this bracket.

Trying to understand the LINKING part you described.

One question. Where and how do I LINK the games to previous round games?

You don’t link the previous, but the next one
if you have 4 opponent, you Create the first two game 1 / 2. Then after, you create game 3 (winner) and 4 (looser) and Add Create item (3), to Game 1 and created item (4) to Game one. This is all in the game creation process. So the link is in the Game DB that point also to the same DB. You need to add fields for that.

I think I understand that but I see a potential snag when I get later in the tournament (bigger ones).

When games are created they can be created from the loser side and/or the winner side. See the PDF bracket I shared above.

I really do appreciate your sharing your thoughts. Ultimate goal is to make these larger tournaments run as smooth and efficiently as possible.