Best way to associate a person to something

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I am wondering which is the best way to associate two things,
Let me explain,

I am looking to create a roster app in which I need to associate a person to a car for a slot of time, and make it unavailable to pick that same car if that slot is already booked.

I have been trying creating two individual data types (one is persons and the other is cars) and then creating another data type having two fields (one for persons and another for cars) but I don´t know how to create the function of making the car availability,

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Rewritten message:
You can solve this problem by adding a new data type.


  • User (link)
  • Car (link)
  • Rental start date
  • Rental return date
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This is general, you can modify it and add more fields

Thank you very much for your response, how can I make, for example at the time to pick a car in a dropdown, to only show cars which are available for a specific time frame?


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You should filter the cars in Rentals that do not have an end date, from the list of total cars.

If you want, you can give me editor access so that I can guide you better.

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