Best way to build feature from performance perspective


I am hoping for some advice about the best way to build my app.

I have a survey in the app and then display the data from the survey.

I use an image of a bell shaped curve and plot data points over the image.

There are 50 data points each represented as an icon.

Each data point has 2 conditions to show the icon if one of the conditions is met.

I have 3 categories, so thats 150 data points each with 2 conditions.

The survey consists of 8 sections and i have a chart for each section.

Since i built this my app development has become really slow and crashes regularly.

Also, in live the pages take a while to render.

I am trying to combine the 8 pages into 1 so users only have to wait once for the page to render then i am displaying the different sections using states.

I have just combined 4 of the pages into 1 and now the page won’t load in dev.

Is there a better way to do this? What is causing the issues?


Any help appreciated!

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