Best way to capture data to


I’d like to use to track pageviews and specific actions. I didn’t see a plugin for it. Do I need a plugin? If not, can you provide an example for how I send an event to keen with as an action with JS.


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@kramwe and I are looking to track web app usage with I think we can 1) track pages visited by putting JS in the head or body and 2) tracking specific on-page actions by running JS within actions, using Toolbox plugin.

That said, we’re a bit confused on some details and was wondering if someone else might already know the answer:

In Keen’s recommended JS code there’s a line of code that requires the keen-is package:
var Keen = require('keen-js');

  • How we would we do this with Bubble? …Would we be able to reference this file hosted elsewhere, or load that package to our domain, or does it require further integration somehow?


That’s intended for running server side. Have a look at the CURL example instead, which shows what to send in a API call.

This shows using their sdk in a browser, IMO not great to expose keys like that…

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Thanks Mishav!