Best Way To Collaberate Working On Bubble Apps With Other People?

Hey there! Was curious to see if any others have tips/advice/lessons for all of us on working with others to build apps.

Because as we probably know, one person can be fast, two people can be even faster, but where they end up and costs can be another story…

So any insights into working with other developers on same apps?

Overall I’m looking to speed up the process of working with others on the app, but wanted to know any community advice on it that I and others can use to make working with others more effective :smiley: thank you!

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So far I got:

Has to be right fit/like the person/good communication/speed
Right price (some charge more then I make, hehe, but makes sense more power to them…)
Being clear on what you want, but super flexible,
Doing parts yourself to speed up process.

That’s about it. I’ve had thoughts on giving someone a percent of the app/business instead of paying since I have limited funds, but could get messy fast with a bunch of “owners”.

Anything else anyone has on this topic is appreciated thanks!!

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You can hire a university student. I had a very good experience with a future engineer.

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That’s a great idea!! ty!!

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Plan out who works in the editor at what times. The dual editing is a bit of a nightmare.

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Hmm really I thought I tested it out two people can edit same page from two different computers at same time?

Yes they can work at the same time, but I do not recommend it, you have to be able to see who does what. The biggest challenge right now is to be able to preview. It is practically impossible to do this. The technique is to push LIVE, and do the tests on LIVE. Ideally, between programmers, to have a tool allowing to know who is on LIVE and how long.

true got to be clear who’s doing what specifically. True that would be cool to see who is on live… I just switched to live recently so still figuring it out. deploying live is always 5 extra clicks or so.

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