Best way to get 'Today' aka 24hour period

This is super dumb but I’m struggling to get ‘Today’

From 00:00:00am to 11:59:59pm – Aka the timerange of today (or a set date)

Would have thought this would have been ok…

The aim is to have repeating group which cycles through each day.

You can round down the date to start at midnight, then add 24h to the rounded down date.

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`Created Date ≥  date pickers value: rounded down to day`

`Created Date <  date pickers value: rounded down to day: plus days 1    `

Having said that, without a time the date picker’s value will automatically be 00:00 on the selected date, so there’s no need to round either value to Day if you’re using a date picker with no time set.

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