Best way to have video with required questions (like Udemy)


I want my app to present video (like lectures) with required multiple choice questions as the video(s) progress. Just like a learning platform.
Something similar to what a lot of LMS’s have such as -
That is - requiring the video to be watched.
Have a multiple choice question presented at the end of a video section.
Progress to the next video section after the question has a response.

What would be the best way to accomplish this? I am open to using any video player, but ideally I don’t host all of the video on bubble as this would be overly expensive.


you just have to find a video player plugin that sends the video timestamp to bubble. There should be plenty – Youtube natively supports this.

Then make a conditional:

when Video’s time = minutes:seconds → show popup

You can create a data type in ur DB, “Questions” that references to a Video, a timestamp, and a Question.

Each Video can then have a list of Questions. You now have all the dynamic data you’ll need.

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ah, and make sure to pause the video when the question is showing (best done as a custom state)

and to prevent the video from re-showing the question, you can just store a list of “shown Questions” as a state on the page. Only show the popup if the video's timestamp > Question's timestamp, and the Question is not in the list of "shown Questions". Make sure to add a Question to the list of “shown Questions” when it first displays to a user.

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