Best way to identify user which inputs public forms

I need an help , if someone can assist me with my problem , I have multiple forms which data is linked to each other , form 1 's field Name will be use in forms 2 input dropdown etc , right now I have different tables for different multiple forms , now I am saving forms data with create new thing , but How I can identify uniquely which user filled a form , When I get to know the user identification in form 1, I can show custom things of the user in form 2. , right now Iam getting All data of form1 (which is in program name’s field) which got multiple names , I just only want to show program name to the specific user , who inputs form 1

Some screenshots will definitely help us dive into your problem

this is my form 1 , on which Iam giving Program Initiative Name

this is my form2 , on which Iam getting data of Program Initiative name , but right now Iam having all the program initiative names which stored in the db, I just want the name of user which submits form 1 and who is current user
this is my dropdown

I hope this helps! or you can ask anything

Program/Initiative can be created only by registered users, right?

Yes when user is registered

I your “Choices source” dynamic expression you need to add a constraint for Program/Initiative where user = current user

Thank you so much @artemzheg , Its working now

Thats my dropdown , on which I want to show multiple fields data in one dropdown, but its coming on a same line , I want to display dropdown values vertically

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