Best way to make categories and product pages as repating groups

hi guys

im pretty new here i would just like some guidance as answers ive had just are not straight forward!

I would like a good way to have categories then when clicked it will take you to the category page, where a repeating group can in turn show all the items in that category.

im sorry if this is really basic but im getting really stuck.

One option is to have a Category page which has a content type of Category.

Then refer all your data on that page to the Current Page’s category.

So, if you want to display a list of items that are within the page’s category, you can Search for items who’s category is the current Page’s category.

Alternatively, you can do basically the same thing without setting the page content type - just use parameters in the URL (either query strings or path parameters), then extract the data from the URL using Get Date From URL.

Then search for your items in the same way, but referring to the category in the URL rather than the current page’s category.

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okay thankyou im going to give that a go! Thanks for getting back to me!

im pretty sure im deffinatly overcomplecating things! u used a theme for a store that i thought would help but it has just confused matters!

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