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Best way to Search

I’m having a big trouble with the search engine plugin in my app.

I am currently testing the ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin, but I am encountering a few issues. (see result 3 in the picture)
This probably happens because both of restaurants SEO have “,”


  • I don’t expect to have more than 3,000 customers;
  • I plan to put a limit of around 10 SEO words per customer or 60-70 characters.
  • My app is similar to Yelp in functionality.

Currently, I have two fields for searching: “Store name” and “SEO”. My idea is to use the “SEO” field to specify the products that my customers have.

Customer Example:

  • Store Name: Super Burguer
  • Category: Food & Drink
  • SubCategory: Fast Food
  • Price: $$
  • City: Winter Park
  • SEO: Burguer, fries, Soda.

- Question 1
Is it best practice to separate all “SEO” keywords with commas?
list will work ?

- Question 2
What is the best plugin to use for this amount of searches?

Any suggestions @ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam would be appreciated.

Thank you.