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Best Way to Setup Data?

Hey, I’m new to Bubble and wanted to make sure I setup my data structure right so I won’t have problems down the line.

On my site I plan to have 3 main data types working together and I’m not sure what needs to be connected and what doesn’t.

The basic layout it that I have one datatype for “users”, one called “pages” that the users can create, and one called “buttons” which the users create and go on their specific “pages”.

If I want to have a list of “pages” associated with each “user” is the default Creator field in the “page” datatype enough or is it better to add a field to the “User” datatype to have a list of their created pages?

For the “buttons”, they are specific to each “page” and don’t need to work between them. If I want to associate them to their “page” is it better to make a field on “buttons” saying which “page” they are on or for each “page” having a field that a list all of it’s associated “buttons”? Or should I do both?

Any help is appreciated and sorry for the bad explanation. I can provide any more info/screenshots if needed.

I’ll tell you this, “Button” is a datatype that makes literally no sense unless your site is selling buttons (the sewing notion kind).