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Best way to spend money to increase Bubble Development Velocity

I’ve built and launched a fairly sophisticated product using Bubble over the last few months. Now, I’m looking to hire someone or bring someone on to my team to maintain our development velocity while I shift more of my time/energy to customer development.

What would be the most effective way(s) for me to spend, say, $5k to maintain development velocity while spending 1/2 as much time developing?

For example, would you recommend I hire a top consultant like @levon to help me through the most difficult challenges, would you recommend I hire different consultants/freelancers for specific projects, or perhaps hire someone abroad for, say, $10/hr and have them put in 500 hours of time to move the project forward. I’m sure there’s lots of other options as well.

Based on your experience, which approach would you recommend and why? Any additional tips/best practices that would be helpful to the community?

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My personal thought on this would be assuming your doing a startup is to switch full focus to customer development and stop all dev work. Figure out everything before scaling - i.e. Your sales process and marketing while conserving your cash. Then you will have much better insight in what you could build that customers will pay you for.

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We had paying customers before we built our product. Going forward, we plan to continue building our product in parallel with our customer development efforts.

I’m looking for feedback from the bubble community on how they’d spend money to increase development velocity for a fairly sophisticated bubble based product.

What is the product? Do you have a link to your site?

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We run speed networking events over video conference. As such, we match attendees for a series of back to back, 1on1 video calls with other event attendees. So, for example, someone attending a 1 hour event may meet 6 people over video conference for 10 minutes each.

It’s hard to show our product since events only start at specific times and require many people to attend in order for us to introduce you to other attendees. That said, I’m planning on setting up a number of free events to enable members of the bubble community to meet one another so hopefully you’ll be able to attend. Expect to see some messages about that in the forum starting in a week or so.


Contact me I’ve been focused on advance conditional and optimization performance on bubble. Let me know what the specification of your projects are. [email protected]

My suggestion would be to hire someone with the right creative skills, then train them up in Bubble. I think it would be quite an attractive “paid intern” role for someone with a mix of UX/Creative/Web skills.

That way you keep the development in house, but instead of a “developer” you have someone who can do a whole range of activities with one of them being building out the website.


hey Scott!
Thanks for mentioning me :slight_smile: And I"m glad you’ve finally managed to launch the product on Bubble :slight_smile: Although I’m a bit less available now for consulting sessions, my team (Which has grown now to 5 ) would be glad to work on your upcoming tasks should you choose an alternative to hire a professional team of Bubble designers and visual programmers.
Again congrats on the launch and Happy New Year!



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