Best way to store a css file?

Hello Bubblers!

I’m wondering what’s the best way to upload and make us of a css file with Bubble. The documentation is unclear around file upload.

I’m currently uploading the file using the SEO settings section, upload a file to root. But using this way, the file is not available at the domain’s root, it’s available using the AWS url. No matter as it works fine, but each time I need to make adjustments to the css file, I do need to re-upload the file and as the url changes, I do need to modify the link in any page using this css file.

So, I’d be pleased to know how you do on your side, for those who am are using customized css file…

I’m also thinking about storing the css file iny Gsuite drive. Not tested yet, could be the solution to get a persistant url.

Any feedback or idea welcome!

Thanks and have a good day building your amazing apps!

There are a couple of plugins I began to use recently for uploading and downloading CSS files.

Built by the same plugin developer who put them on the market for free

You upload a css file using the CSV creator plugin? How?

Check out the forum post link

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