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Best way to sync data from two sources

I think it’s because I’m missing some notion of how to use the workflow but I didn’t find any example that is close to what I want to do.

I have to table (not simililar) with any informations, I want automatically to update from first to second when I call a page.

What is the best way to do that?

In general its Database trigger (in backend workflow).

Thank you, I understand.

But I see that it was missing an information in my request, I would like to process several lines together
→ modified the existing and add the missing.

Alghoritm not clear. You write from page to first table 1 record and want trigger changes in second table with data you changed in table 1 ?

Not exactly,
I would like to synchronize two complete tables when calling a page.
In the receiving table there is a foreign key of the first one.
Is it better?

So then data trigger not for you. If there is few records that you want synchronize you can do it through frontend workflows. If there is many records, or sensitive data you have to call API workflow from page, which handle required synchronization.