Bestbubbledev studio - vacation + collab 😇

Awesome news I’ll be leasing a two story building in the next couple months. Organizing Bestbubbledev studio + a shared space for makers & for podcasting/video making :partying_face::rocket:

I’ll be hosting lotta Bubble & #nocode devs here to collab with you all! I’m super stoked right now :star_struck:

Studio will be in Tbilisi, Georgia so you can plan your business trip and have fun time Bubbling from here :face_holding_back_tears:

Meanwhile please support me by subscribing to my Bestbubbledev Youtube channel & share your ideas what typa bubble related content do you enjoy :star_struck:


that’s awesome! What is overhead for a dedicated building&utilities going to run you? would love to hear more details on the biz

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So there’s two floors but actually it’s in a much taller building. I have to cover the renovation costs. In fact there’s lots of construction work to do. However the landlord gives me half a year free if I cover the costs of construction work. Which I agreed to today and will get onto work from next week.

Not sure about the utilities yet.

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