Bet on Real Estate

Hi there, I was sitting on my couch last night (in LA) and realized sitting on a couch was a waste of time during this quarantine. So, naturally, I stood up from the couch and sat right back down in my desk seat :joy: Anyways, I was browsing bubble and decided to build a quick app, or so I thought. 12 hours later, no sleep through the night (those hours seem to go fast when you enjoy what you’re building), I came up with BetRE, an options like betting platform for active residential and commercial real estate listings. The motive is simple, you as the user feel you have market knowledge to know how an active listing might end up selling within 1. a time frame and 2. at a price you feel the market can handle. You are willing to put money “where your mouth is” to some extent. As of now, the mvp just allows you to throw out virtual amounts of money with expirations.

Some plans in the immediate future include,

  1. Creating an account
  2. Leaderboards
  3. API integration into an MLS
  4. A house pot or counter-party to take you up on your bet.

I would love to have you check it out and let me know your thoughts! This is totally for fun, but I think its a great concept at least for myself who always makes mental bets on what houses I drive by everyday might eventually sell for :slight_smile:


Nice looking app, clean and simple design. For 12 hours of work, looks pretty good. I placed one bet as Donald Smith (not my real name)… for fun. Risked a huge $250 on a $56,000,000 property :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: Holding my breath until June 30th to see if it pays off :slight_smile:

Ha! Nice! Thank you for taking a look. Maybe the next step is I can notify you as a user when that expiration is coming up

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