Beta test of News365 started!

Hi, we start our beta test early so we get response fast and don’t build features that is not needed. Therefore you are invited to test the app. Start by joining our Facebook group here: and give a short presentation of your self.

hi, i dont use facebook, im sure plenty other people dont use it (anymore) either, I think they are an evil company. You are setting limitations for beta testers, with a presentation… make it available here for anyone.

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We want to have a little bit of control on who we invite and the easiest way was to start a closed FB group. I could also start a Discord channel, but a Facebook group was the simple and fastest choice.

why do you want to control who you invite, beta testers are providing you valuable feedback on something not completed yet.

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Yes, but we need to collect that info somewhere and have a meningfull conversation.

Just set up a Discord Server for discussion and beta test feedback!
Welcome to join: