Beta Testers for Passwordless Plugin!

Hey folks! We just completed two plugins that lets you to build passwordless apps. Unlike other passwordless solutions out there, we don’t rely on one-time codes, magic links, or second devices. Instead, you can use WebAuthn passkeys which provides a smoother user experience and unphishable security.

If this is something you’re interested in, we’re opening it to beta testers starting now! We’re looking to understand what you like, don’t like, have issues with, or questions about — any and all feedback welcome. The team will also work with you to troubleshoot any potential issues so that you can get up and running quickly.

We do want to keep the number of beta testers manageable so please reply in the forum thread if you want to jump in. Happy building!


I’m curious. Count me in.


Awesome, DMing you right now

Interesting. Will need more detail. Count me in.

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And more detail you shall receive! I’ll DM you

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This sounds cool! Willing to try it out!

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let’s go

woohoo! DMing you more deets

:blue_car: :dash: DM incoming

Count me in !

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Amazing! DM on its way :slight_smile:

sounds interessting - i would test as well

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:raised_hands: nice! check your inbox for DM

Interested to test also!

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Very interested …was currently researching alternatives to email and sms…use case for me in developing countries…

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oh interesting, I’ll send you a DM with more details. I’m curious, what prompted your research into email/sms alternatives?

I am planning a two sided marketplace for a service in a country where the service providers use almost exclusively mobile, do not have email and indeed many do not have phone plans (therefore no sms) but rather just buy data and use Whatsapp and FB. I have to search for an alternative to sms and email for passwords and I looked for WA method to pass OTP but few exist (from what I could find). Passwordless Auth could be ideal, if I understand how it works. I could use login with FB as well, but I would rather not be tied to FB. Shall follow your DM instructions and look forward to hearing more.

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Woohoo DM on its way!

I’m interested!