Better Approach for Database Design to Allow User-Specified Working Hours

Hey everyone,

I’m building a bubble app, and I want to allow my users to specify their working hours in the dashboard. (Mon 09-17, Tue 09-17 and so on)

I came across a great forum post [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities
that suggests creating a data type Availabilities with fields like Available, Day, DayNumber, OpeningHour, and ClosingHour.

My concern is, while this seems like a good approach for a small number of users, I’m concerned that as my user base grows, this method might become problematic.

What’s the best way to construct a database for a large number of users who need to specify their working hours? Are there any alternative approaches that you would recommend? I was thinking of creating a Data Type for Working Hours and adding User relation (User itself or user_id based on performance differences) and doing a search.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this. Thanks in advance!