Better flow to save / add data from RG

Hello All.
really need your help, I am stuck with this challenge.

the goal is to create a new product with DB


  • product_name
  • product_detail → Product Detail

Product Detail

  • product_desc
  • variant → Variant list


right now what I’m doing so far is

  • create a new product flow and display it ( success )
  • create a new variant and save it to variantTEMP db ( success )

how to add the variant I save as a list on variantTEMP db to the real variant DB?

or maybe which one better flows for this case

  1. create a new product first then add the variant list
  2. create new products and variants together and save them at the end.
  3. use temp data on the custom state? (I don’t found any good tutorial/forum to discuss this problem until finished)

any idea is welcome.

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