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Better Storage Options

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think bubble’s storage option is a little pricey for $10/GB. I have looked into Box and it says that it’s unlimited storage for only $15/month. Or I could try using my own S3. Have you guys used Box, your own S3, or any other options? I feel like Box is too good to be true.

  • Minimum 3 users, no maximum
    15 x 3 = $45 p/m

My bad. Even then, that’s not bad at all for unlimited storage. Still seems a little too good to be true compared to Bubble’s $45 for 45GB.

yeah its ok ig, ive been using their starter tier for a project. Loads a bit slower than aws.

I am going to use S3 for all my photos as my application will have lots of photos.

How are you connecting your own S3 to Bubble and how much are you paying?

I am not using it yet but I plan on using the api or this plugin

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