Better toggle plug-in change datatype

Hey guy’s
I have issue with "Better toggle plug-in " I make app for e-cards the main pages is “setting page” and “profile page” on setting page user can add some info about himself like name,image,Facebook,snap hat,etc and on profile page show that info,
On setting page I make input for every social media link and also I use "Better toggle plug-in " to let user control of when he want make that social media link appear on profile or not by toggle switch, on my database I have 3 types
SM Links=social media links
SM State=social media state

2-social media links…
Facebook link
Snapchat link
etc. .

3-social media state (in this type I have issue)
Facebbok state=yes/no
Snap chat state=yes/no

Now I stop here I want to make that toggle switcher I made on setting page to change this type every time user switch it on or off and base on that state will show or hide social media link on profile page …
I hope you get the idea , if you have any advice to make this I’ll be thankful

  1. Add the field “Show?” (y/n) to the data type SM Link and enable autobinding of the better toggle to this field.
  2. On the profile page add a repeating group of data type SM Links with the data source: Current User’s SM Links: filtered (constraint: Show? = yes)

thank you bro…
but i can’t find autobinding of the better toggle, is it available with this plugin?

Indeed. You can use workflow event - “a better toggle value is changed”

Thank you so much :+1: