Better Uploader [UPDATED 2023] ☁️

Thought Id post a gif of my little reusable that I thought was quite cool… :slight_smile: all with the help fo Better uploader… there are some nuances with how to make this work… but seems to in dev so far.


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I have just tested the way I have done it and it seems to work well

Here is an RG of three files:

From file explorer

I run this when “BetterUploader A File is Uploaded” event is fired FYI, and I do not change the data in the previous step for manipulating the file name here

As you can I grab the current filename being uploaded and then append what I need in this instance.

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There could be a little bug with the ‘suggested file types’

If you add a custom state in the field and populate it from an actions such as ‘when the page is loaded’ it doesn’t filter in the front end user file explorer list (the ‘Limit file types’ does work with a custom state).

here is a little vid showing it


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Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Question: I have referenced the raw data’s file name when a file is selected for upload as feedback to the user. I like to keep things compact, so I used the placeholder text for this.

However now gives an error.

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-16 144436

Is there a better way of doing this? I don’t want to hide this element as I want users to select a different file if they selected the incorrect one for upload.

This is the uploader in action as I have designed this now:

Video Converter Ultimate_20230916150741

Kind regards,


I have installed CloudCompanion, but still trying to understand how to resize an image with this tool.
It seems there is no input field for that in here. I’ve read the document but cannot get it work yet.

Hi Jonah, any issue on solving the root cause of the “order” issue? Also seeing the same with my app (and in the test site) e.g. images 1,2,3 display in order in raw state, but when raw image 2 is selected to be removed, image 3 is deleted (leaving images 1 and 2).

This issue seems to be intermittent and occurs using different image files.

Great plugin, and support - the forums have been invaluable!



@mudtowncleaning have you been able to find a resolution for this? Same issue with me (and 99% same use case re: captions and uploads).


Hey guys , i’m having an issue trying to upload video files.
when the file size is above something about 200mb the uploader throws an error in console and does nothing on the app!

I’ll apreciate the help if someone already had this issue.
I’m finishing an app that is going live this weekend and this problem came up today.



Still using this as my primary plugin for upload!

Wish list - extracting audio file runtime/length (e.g. audio file is 13minutes long). Probably low on your list of priorities, but a tick in case you hear similar feedback.

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Hey there,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I’m currently in a difficult place to be able to sort out bugs, at least for a while. Once I get some time I’ll try to fix some or the bugs with the uploaded. I’m currently working and quite busy with university.


I have a problem with bubble uploader + cloud companion.

my process is as below,

  1. upload images from better uploader

  2. workflow1. compress better uploader’s raw data

  3. workflow2. once the compress done(cloud companion compression process is completed), set states of temporary post images(a list of images) merge with the better uploader’s raw data

  4. reset the group(better uploader, cloud companion are included)

but problem is better uploader has a file workflow repeats repeats…
i dunno why

How do we reference the file uploaded after the “send file(s) to cloud…” action? In our workflow, I’m wanting to create a thing in the db for each file that gets uploaded and assign the file to one of the fields, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There’s an event “When file is uploaded” from BU. Then you can access the uploaded file using the uploaded data exposed state.

Thank you! Is there any way to get this to upload to like Bubble’s default uploader? I realized after using it that it only uploads to Bubble storage, even if you have the Box integration enabled.

Hey Jonah

Thank you for the awesome plugin! Way better for the UX than having users wait for the whole file to upload first. Works great on my device uploads.

I think this may be similar to what was asked earlier in the thread with being the example, but I was wondering if the plugin could do the same it’s doing now (from the user’s device), but from a public file URL?

Eg: Instead of clicking the Better Uploader element, I provide the URL of and the Better Uploader retrieves the raw data for previewing. Only once I trigger the actual upload, does it save the file to the cloud, showing the percent progress as it uploads.

I know this is somewhat possible already with no plugins, but the 2 major benefits already in your plugin are:

  • file info, thumbnail and size before upload
  • a reliable progress percentage value as the file uploads

In summary, all plugin features kept the same, it’s just that the source is any file URL as opposed to a file from the device.

Many thanks

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Thanks for your work on this plugin! Unfortunately the raw data doesn’t display .heic format (iphone and other’s image format). Would there be any way to fix this?


Hey there,

as far as I know and from what I’ve tested this works on iphone for video and images

Thanks for the response.

As you can see it doesn’t work on the demo page either. This is a .heic image from my Samsung phone which has the same issue (same format) . The raw image doesn’t show but the uploaded file shows fine. (haven’t yet hit upload in the screenshot)

Hey there!

This is actually out of the control of the plugin and has nothing to do with better uploader. Better uploader just lets you access the data of the image before it’s uploaded - it doesn’t actually generate this data itself, it just grabs it from the device. I am using this data in the demo and putting it as the source for an image element.

If the data is not displaying in the image element, it actually has more to do with the image element itself not displaying the file. This could be due to things such as html attributes, your browser / device, css properties, etc. If you created an HTML element and messed around with an img tag I’m sure you could get it to work. Haven’t looked into why it won’t display in the img element bubble produces. Have a hard time testing it myself because I don’t have an iPhone anymore, but just to let you know, this is out of my control :wink: