Better Uploader [UPDATED 2023] ☁️

Thanks for the explanation! I figured that was probably the case after I wrote it.

It’s a shame we can’t tell what kind of error has been triggered. That would be a useful addition.

There is an option in the plugin to enable debugging which adds info to the console, so replicate the demo and see if there is a message (or maybe debugging is on in the demo?).


I use Better Uploader and Cloud Companion. I would like the user to be able to upload images and PDF files in the uploader.
I would like to compress the images via Cloud Companion and save the PDF directly.

Does this work with “Only when”? I have done it this way, but it doesn’t seem to work.

@jonah.deleseleuc could we have the ID field of cloud companion dynamic?

I have multiple uploader on a single page within reusable elements


Sure thing. Upgrade to the latest version to see the change!


Hi There !
To make files private, use this plugin.:

Here is a sample workflow

The last step is to delete “open file”

Tks @jonah.deleseleuc , Awesome Work !

I guess width and height are not working properly…
Am I right?

@jonah.deleseleuc Hi!

First off, thanks for making this awesome plugin! I’ve found it to be super useful across multiple projects.

With that said, I also have a little bug to report. The plugin throws a package error in the console:

For comparison, here’s the same page without the plugin:

Just to be sure, I’ve checked all other apps where I used it and the error was present across all of them.

@jonah.deleseleuc Quick question: is there a way to get the upload progress of a particular file from a list of files being uploaded? If not, is there at least a way to see what the file currently being uploaded (i.e. the one Uploading Progress refers to) is? Thanks in advance!

I’m currently using Cloud Companion and the compression doesn’t seem to start at all, and the IMAGE COMPRESSION PROCESS IS COMPLETE event never fires. I have the ID the same across Cloud Companion workflow with the Better Uploader html ID.

Anyone running into the same issue, or if @jonah.deleseleuc if you have a fix.

Hey @jonah.deleseleuc, thanks a lot for the awesome plugin.
I seem to be having the same issue as many others on the order of the files uploaded and have replicated it in your demo page.
On your demo page, there’s a discrepancy between the string of names and the string of file sizes. In my testing, it looks like heavy files are disrupting the flow and the slower file to upload has its name swapped with the latest image in the list to be uploaded.
Any progress on the resolution of this bug so far ?

Hey @jonah.deleseleuc, Love your Plugin! I just have an issue that large files (Videos) are not uploading to the Better Uploader. In other words: I choose a Video that’s 700 MB large and the Action a Better Uploader has a file never fires. When I choose a smaller Video like 300 MB it works just fine.

I set the Max. file size to 2500 MB - so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Is there any advice on this? Ist there any limit besides the 5 GB size limit for Bubble uploads?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey, i have the same exact problem.
Did you find a way to maintain the initial Filenames?

Im also trying to upload multiple files and want to rename all of them (putting a “shared-” in front of each name) but all i get is a new filename with all the names of the uploaded files merged together…

I hope theres a solution for this one…


I had exactly the same. I had to go to ‘About Chrome’ and look for updates. This fixed the issue for me.

Hey, plugin isn’t broken. Please update chrome and see what happens:)

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Was a Chrome issue and had to update (I hadn’t been prompted to upgrade so I didn’t realize!). This is literally by far one of my favorite plugins EVER!

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This uploader works great. I was wondering though if there’s a way to capture the folder name if we drag a folder onto the uploader.

Here’s my scenario:

I have a repeating group containing a list of items. Each row of data has an uploader element. We have our vendors upload their files that’s required for each item, and each “batch” of files is stored inside a folder, so they just drag the folder over to upload. Works great. The only problem is that if they get behind on uploading they may need to upload multiple of folders of files at the same time. When they do so, it’s no longer possible to know which files belonged to a particular folder.

Does this make sense? Is there a way to accomplish this?


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When trying to upload an ~84 MB video via Safari on mobile (iPhone), my window refreshes and I get an error message. Smaller videos don’t cause this, but it happens just trying to SEND the file to the uploader. Any guidance? I’ve disabled the majority of the workflow, so I know that it’s happening when I am trying to just upload the files in the first place. Again, only on mobile.

With some trial and error, it looks like mobile Safari will only allow uploads UP TO 50MB, regardless of what my upload limit is on my side… Anything I can do to allow for larger files?

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I’ve experienced the same problem and spent quite a bit of time trying to find a solution but was unsuccessful. I was then looking for an efficient way to shrink the file size before upload but never really found the right solution. This was about a year ago. If you find a solution will you share with this feed?