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Better Uploader [UPDATED 2023] ☁️

Hey @jonah.deleseleuc

How do you make the files private?



Great plugin. I’d love to see a feature to improve image upload speed from mobile. Right now there’s no way to compress an image before upload with multiple images through bubble.

I’d love to see this feature in your plugin.

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There`s a way to solve it until the update is finished?

@alexandre12 @brad.h

Yeah, if your goal is to cut down on loading times on mobile, you could simply use the Raw Data exposed state to display the image on the page while it’s still uploading and meanwhile schedule an API workflow to upload the image. Once the image is uploaded (using the Uploaded Data is Ready event), simply replace the Raw Data image with the uploaded one.

And this is why using local storage to your advantage is a must :wink:


That’s a good idea. Upload speeds would still be slow but the customer would think they’re instant.

This still presents one problem, uploads would fail and user would think it was a success.

Upload speeds are slow and prone to failure and timeout.

The true solution is compression before upload.


@jonah.deleseleuc please just add compression to your plugin so our friend brad stops spamming the forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I had an uploader plugin, I’d just implement this using canvas as described here How To Resize and Compress an Image in JavaScript for Upload and that should be “close enough for jazz”.


Great plugin, works really well, and simplistic.

Quick question, is there a way to not have the placeholder change when I’ve selected a file? For example, this is my popup:

And once uploaded, it appears like this:

Does this make sense?

Cheers Mark

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Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it.

What I do is replace the placeholder with an upload icon. To do that, what you’ll need to do is make the alpha value of the placeholder 0 (so that it’s invisible). Then, you can change the background of the uploader to type image. What you do after that is use conditions like “When Raw Data:count > 0” to change the icon type. And so on,

In other words, make the placeholder invisible, and use icons instead.


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Thank you for the quick response.

I’ll give that a try. Is there space to change this capability in a future release?

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Yeah that would be a. HUGE benefit!

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Then you have to reupload them all again, possibly making another mistake.

How do we use local storage?

And… As always, @keith has a solution. :wink: But if @brad.h wasn’t spamming with this issue, I would be. :joy: Im in the same situation, and why I’m here. :blush:

Sorry. Didn’t mean to spam. @jonah.deleseleuc asked me to make the request in this thread.

I’m a huge fan of what Jonah is doing here.

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Lol yes you do mean to spam… but yes this uploader looks good

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Hey gnelson. By using the Raw Data exposed state as the source for an image, you can display images / files / videos / whatever you want in bubble elements.

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I have taken into consideration all of the feature requests and I am working on a new update. Considering it’s the holidays, expect it sometime in January.



Awesome @jonah.deleseleuc Thank you!

Right. The issue though, is that I need them in the database.

What does your response mean? He’s trying to tell you that once you have an image inside the plugin, you can still see the initial image you put in there right away.

Try to explain what you are trying to do, clearly plz and we can try to help.