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Better Uploader [UPDATED 2023] ☁️

Hey everyone!

I am in the middle of adding a much requested feature: the ability to remove a selected file from the list of raw data (just one file) so that the user does not need to re-select all the files!

There is a know bug that I am in the middle of fixing, but in the meantime, you can have fun testing it out on the demo page :slight_smile:


Hi Jonah,

My apologies! I just found out that the issue I raised earlier was in fact a non-issue. It was the debug mode screwing up everything… In normal mode, the last item method works and doesn’t create redundant or missing upload results!

I realized that the “bug” was brought by debug mode because every time I run the WF in slow or step-by-step mode, the result showing on my webpage is correct (e,g. 3 unique files after the upload), but then when I refresh the page, the webpage shows corrupted data (e.g. 3 redundant files), which is because what’s being recorded to the database was corrupted.

I am not sure what caused the debug mode to behave this way. It seems like in debug mode, bubble runs a frontend workflow for users to see and a backend workflow that actually writes into the database, and in this case, the front and back ends had a conflict, which caused a good WF ended up becoming corrupted…

So, mystery solved and lesson learned: always run the normal mode at least once in case it’s the debug mode that’s creating the bug :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thanks again!

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Update 5.4.0

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce a new update for Better Uploader. Introducing: Remove File(s) from selected element action

One of the most requested features from users was the ability to remove files from the list of selected files before the files are uploaded.

With the new ‘Remove file(s) from selected’ element action, users can easily remove any unwanted files from their list of selected files with just one click. This means that users no longer have to start over by running the reset function and re-selecting all the files. It’s a small change, but it will make a big difference in user experience.

As always, please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can continue to improve Better Uploader

Thank you for using Better Uploader


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Image compression comes to Better Uploader - in the form of Cloud Companion! :tada: :tada: :tada:
I have received more than few requests for this feature. I hope you all like it! The plugin is currently under review, it should come out soon.

Click to see a demo
Click to see the editor

Cloud Companion is a companion plugin to Better Uploader. It will let you compress image(s) before you send them to the cloud! Performance was an important factor when deciding what library I should use. When combined with the other space saving features Better Uploader offers (such as being able to preview files, limit extensions & sizes), you can become a true effeciency king/queen :crown:

(we are using a compression library which leverages service workers, which will not block the page while the compression is taking place. In other words, it’s super fast and you won’t notice the page slow down like other libraries do!)

Cloud Companion comes with the Compress Image(s) action and the Cloud Companion element. More features to come soon


  1. Install Better Uploader (free plugin):

  2. Select some files inside of a Better Uploader

  3. Run the Compress Image(s) action. You’ll need to provide a maxium size (in MB) and a maximum width (resolution). The lower the width, the lower the resolution. It is recommended to use one of the following: 3840(2160p), 1920 (1080p), 1280(720p), 720(480p).

  4. Once the file(s) have been compressed, the Image Compression Process is Complete is fired. Run the subsequent workflow actions there (notably Better Uploader’s send file(s) to cloud action

Note: make sure you’re on the latest version of Better Uploader. Cloud Companion is not compatible with previous versions.



Hi Jonah…
After several tries and errors, I found out how your plugin works. :sweat_smile:

It is a nice plugin.

I have several questions (or requests) if you don’t mind…
Maybe this plugin has those features and I don’t know yet…

  • Is it possible with Better Upload to have a drop zone area? Where you can drop the files and will upload them?
  • How can I can see a feedback in Repeating Group when I delete a file on file manager? (I’m switching the data source of Repeating Group to Uploaded Data when the Multi Uploading Progress has reached 100%)
  • When you have uploaded some files and you want to upload some more… it reset the Repeating Group and the user lost sight of what has been uploaded so far.
  • Images that are shown on Repeating Group do not Rescale, Zoom, or Strech. It keeps the photo proportion. And I’m not sure if it uses Imgix. (maybe because they are not uploaded yet)
  • The File Size(s) shows wired numbers (I guess it will show in Kilobyte or Megabyte)
  • I have not found yet how to use the Upload Errors (can you show me how?)
  • What is the purpose of Uploading Progress (I have used Multi Uploading Progress so far and it works great)
  • And the last one… Can you add an option to make Better Upload upload files instantly like a multi-file uploader? I know what you did with Raw Data is amazing and I think that I’m gonna use it all the time… but still are some cases in that files need to upload immediately.

Keep it up, Jonah… and thanks for the plugin. :smiley:

@jonah.deleseleuc I can’t believe I’m the first person to respond to your update about the Companion feature in this plugin. That part of the Uppy API almost made me want to write my own plugin because I thought it was super cool, but then I was like, nah that’s not my bag. If I ever have a serious need for file uploading in some app, I’ll definitely turn here. Anyway, super awesome that you’ve implemented that! :tada:

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Hey Fabian,

I’ve answered a lot of these already in this forum post already, but I’ll restate them (I know there is a lot to read here)

First of all, a lot of your issues stem from not having seen the events that Better Uploader comes with. For example, you have an event for when the Uploader has a file.

How to automatically upload files after a user provides a file

  1. User provides or drag and drops a file onto the uploader
  2. The Uploader has a file event is fired. In this event workflow, you can run the action Send file to cloud.

About your other inquiries: File sizes are measured in MB (you can do maths on it if you want it measured in something else). You can drag and drop files onto the uploader, but there is no dedicated drop area outside of this yet. The upload errors exposed state simply gives you a number of errors detected during the upload process. The uploading progress exposed state tells you the progress of the current file being uploaded.

Lastly, your other concerns are up to your implementation. I strongly suggest seeing the link to the editor at the top of this forum post because you can see how I handle files in a repeating group.

Thank you for your interest



Thank you so much!

I’m glad you find it cool too. I think when people will be looking for an all in one solution they’ll stumble upon this and be happy.



Hi Jonah,

You have designed The Better Uploader to have two Repeating Groups: one for Raw data and one for Uploaded data.

My question (request) is to have one Repeating Group for both.
Although you can force to switch the Repeating Group source from Raw Data to Uploaded Data (or datatype) once the Better Uploader A Upload Operation is Complete still is not user-friendly.

The reason why it’s not user-friendly is that when the user has once uploaded all files and wants to upload one more… It’s impossible. You will need a reset button (which is not user-friendly) and the files that you have uploaded will disappear which makes the user doubt what files have been uploaded.

I have one more request if it’s possible…
I would like some exposed data on the Repeating Group and belong to the current cell.
Like Progress and File size and File Name ( I see one file name and URL, but when I use those I don’t see either filename or URL… only wired text. Maybe I haven’t used those properly.)

About the “wired numbers” that I told you about before. Now I understand why… :sweat_smile:
Are the filesize of all files in one cell and repeated for every cell :grimacing:

Thanks again

Before making accusations about user unfriendliness, I suggest reading more. Please check the plug-in page for a full list of actions and events.

Okay, you don’t need to reset the files completely. I released an update maybe 3 or 4 days ago (Remove a file action) that lets you remove one file from the list of Raw files in the Uploader.

Furthermore, file sizes are a list of files as you’ve noticed. If you want to show one file size per cell, you’ll have to use file size’s :item # current cells index ( Like the way I have it on the cloud companion demo page ). This is not user unfriendliness, this is just the nature of a “List” of things and you’re misuse of it (you’re trying to show a list multiple times, you need to filter it down to the item in the list you’re interested in). I’ll say this directly- this is your implementation’s problem

Lastly, what you’re describing with the raw data being replaced with uploaded data in your repeating group is your implementation of it. No one is forcing you to do that - you need to find a better way of trying to do what you’re trying to do.

By the way: all the exposed states are lists. File name, file size, raw data, uploaded data. It is impossible for me to associate a file name with a raw data. You need to handle that in your logic by taking into considerations indices


I’m very sorry that you have taken it the wrong way.

I’m not making accusations. I’m saying what I believe to be right. You can take it as a suggestion if you like.
And I’m not trying to offend you (that have done a great plugin) or anyone else. Sorry if I have done that.

Programming or the logic behind it is a game the more you play more you know (as in other fields also) I’m a beginner and I’m experimenting. I work completely in a different field.
So… some people need more clarification and maybe ask the wrong questions.


I’m saying completing another thing.


I have no issues with clarifying! I apologize for being rude, I just don’t like it when people talk about user-friendliness ( a lot of the constraints are due to the plugin editor being limited in a few ways)

Well Jonah… UI/UX has nothing to do with programing.

Any way… Cheers

Hey :wave:

Add image compression to your Better Uploader for 5$. Cloud Companion releases today.

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Great news since I just found this before lunch. LOL. Still not in the store. Anyway, will this compress videos too, or just images?


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Thank you for your inquiry George. To install the plugin, click here.

For now, Cloud Companion can just compress images. I am looking into adding more features, most notably video compression in the short to medium term.

Note: make sure you’re on the latest version of Better Uploader. Cloud Companion is not compatible with previous versions.

Have a good one

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