BEWARE OF Fulton Designs / C&J Solutions

Hello Reader,
I am going to explain a few things i joined a server 5 Months ago named “Fulton Designs” after 2-3 Months of me working with them i become a Founder and the server was changed to a different name which i now cant remember the name of. “RyanLuke#7213” Who is the Server Owner transferred the ownership to a person named “Charlie G#3061” who was Ryan Luke’s alt account the server name was changed back to “Fulton Designs” and the ownership went back to “RyanLuke#7213” and i was banned at this point, Recently the server name has now changed to “C&J Solutions” and the ownership has been transferred to another one of Ryan Luke’s alt accounts under the name of “Connor Lee#5230” and another server named “Matrix Solutions” has partnered and they are both “Approved Resellers” for each other products but let me take you back a step “Matrix Solutions” made a youtube video about server name “Fulton Designs” and are now approved reseller’s which make no sense at all…

I Just want to make this look easier now so:
Fulton Designs = C&J Solutions
RyanLuke#7213 = Conner Lee#5230
so really Fulton Designs has not shut down and Ryan Luke stated to me ‘I have quit with design servers’ which shows to me its a lie and people still go to this company after all that… Makes me Laugh…

oof TBH cad company are in a loop but cj is corrupt

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You’re gonna get muted soon for spamming if you’re not careful.

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Yeah, i got an interview from ryan L i think it was and conner said you own your company i said Yeah Y he said that i cant i have owner ship to my friend and some how he was getting screen shots and seeing that i gave owner ship so i think that true cause ryan is the only one from “fulton” or “C&J” thats is my Desings server…

Also they are not partnered with bubble anymore cause they changed there “Owner”

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What are you on about? Bubble doesn’t have partners. Plus, keep this off the forum and go somewhere else, it’s childish.

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True jake ownes his own witch stole fultons cads

Jake didn’t steal any cads I know it because all cads he has where purchased lel Fulton is curupt #ryanisatwat

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Want to talk about stolen cads look at Fulton aka c&j solutions all there cads are stolen from matrix solutions

what do you mean ?

Mk buddy

@xxmodzxx518 We are approved by Benjamin M ask him.

They have resellers

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Hey do you have contact with someone whos name on discord used to be Connor Lee#5230
Do you know his new one.

hey Jake i remeber you from that server, i think i got banned for spamming i got a CAd from you i cant remember what it was called, man they are pos’s, dude i coulda warned ya but no body would listen to me all he cares about is the money and guess what staff dont get paid, so if he supposedly van buy rolexes and s*** then why didnt we get paid like fr, glad to see ur done with them, but at the same time sorry u had to deal with all that, catcha later man