BEWARE Of Fulton Designs | Stolen CAD/MDTs

Hello everyone! I am the owner of Matrix Solutions and I just wanna get out there that Fulton Designs has all (nearly) stolen CAD/MDTs from Matrix Solutions. The CAD/MDT shown in the picture was created 100% by me and about a month ago was the newest one on the market with many features. I apologies in advance for the cursing. Note, all of our CAD/MDTs were either made buy us or received reseller from other companies therefore non of our CAD/MDTs are stolen. Please view photos and video below to back up my argument.


Again, sorry for the cursing but please, don’t buy from them or trust them.

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Thank you and have a good night!

Just want everyone to know about Matrix Solutions selling my stolen chiliad cad. and btw their selling the same shit twice for more money. :laughing: