[BEWARE] Server-Side Actions NOT Sync'd with Github

Anyone else notice that no code appears in the repo for server-side actions after sync’ing the plugin with Github? Apparently, only client-side code is in the repo - both for the plugin’s elements as well as its client-side actions - but no server-side code.

A params.json file is there, which contains the definition of the return values, but I can’t find the contents of the run_server() function itself. :confused:

Can anyone else confirm? Should this be reported as a bug, or am I overlooking something?

It definitely puts a damper on my plans to streamline my plugin development. :frowning_face:

If you see this issue repeatedly please submit a bug report.

Will do. Thanks, @emmanuel!

EDIT: Done.

Just a heads-up to anyone using (or planning to use) the Github sync feature for local development and source control (or even just as a code “back-up”). :wink:

I heard back from Bubble that this is a known issue / limitation - that server-side code isn’t transferred to Github at this time. Anyone using the sync feature should be aware of the potential consequences…

For one thing, you can’t rely on Github to retrieve a historical copy of server-side action code. It simply isn’t there.

Additionally (and potentially more problematic), there’s the possibility to lose work. If plugin code is pulled to a locally cloned copy of the repo and then pushed back to Github to sync with Bubble, the server-side code on Bubble could be wiped out. This happened to me after the initial import to my local repo. :anguished:

Unfortunately, this issue renders the sync feature practically useless for me for any plugins with server-side code. :frowning_face:

Bubble said that this issue is on their list of things to address but provided no timeline. In short, the sync feature is kind of half-baked right now.


Thx for this heads-up, @sudsy!

We’ll fix this in the coming week or two

:smiley: :+1:

We just fixed this.

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Wow, warp speed! Sweet! :grin: