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BI / Analytics: possible to connect directly to database?

I’m assuming the answer is no, but I’ve been wrong before.

I’m integrating the Bubble data into our Business Intelligence tool, Zoho Analytics. My first set up was to download data extracts and upload them to Zoho Analytics.

I’m now looking to have something more sustainable and active. Is there a way to have Zoho Analytics connect directly to the Bubble database?

did you ever figure this out? I’m wanting to do the same.

I’m not sure it was the best solution, but I created DB triggers that updated Zoho Analytics anytime a certain thing changed. Here are a couple of screenshots to give you an idea.

It worked. (to my surprise).

We’ve since moved to a whole new system for many other reasons so I’m ever so slowly shutting this down.

API Connector (this one is looong)

DB Triggers are rather simple