Big Picture after I click in the previous one

Hi guys,

I have a question that maybe it is simple but it is driving me a bit crazy. In the index page I have a few boxes that correspond to different categories and each of them have an image “using free images”. How can I do to click on this pictures and that the next page it is the same picture but in bigger size.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Amjl :wave:

You can save the selected picture in database in order to be able to retrieved in the next page or you can send it as a URL parameter to you next page.

Thank you @rpetribu!
Would it be horrible if you can write the steps to do it?. I am checking some tutorials but they never do it with a downloaded image. Thanks :slight_smile:

are your categories a data type or option sets? If not i strongly recommend to do so. After that ill help you set up your next steps

Thank you @jefeoliveira22. You mean to make my categories as option sets right?. I just did it :).
Could you tell me the next steps, please?

Yes. Now you can add another type to your category of type text to store your image cover URL, something like “cover_URL”.
Now when you need to show the cover image you can just call category-> cover_URL

If you need to pass this data to another page for some reason. You can follow this tutorial as example, just replace to your category