Billing how hard is it to find information on bubble

How difficult can Bubble make finding the costs of upgrading???

What do you mean?

Check here and maybe play around with the subscription planner, too.

Thank you. The Pricing drop down is not shown when accessing Bubble from a phone. I appreciate the quick responses it’s a shame though I get a response when mentioning subscribing but not to any of my 3 previous questions.

Save the conspiracy theory, friend. We don’t get jack if you subscribe… we’re just trying to be helpful.

With regard to your other questions, one of them is you asking someone to go through Bubble’s Spotify clone blog post and confirm that the instructions are correct. Sorry, but nobody in the forum is going to do that for you. You said you were stuck at the point where you add songs to a playlist… so, make a post that is specific to how you are stuck, and post screenshots of what you have done and what isn’t working, and you will almost certainly get a reply.


Thank you for your advice I’ll act on it. I wrote it like that because the Bubble’s Spotify Clone has Bubble branding all over it so can be assumed it was written on behalf of the company. It is not clear enough guide to a beginner. I’ll try do the screenshots method although as a beginner I won’t necessarily know what is needed to show and can’t show it all as some of it’s private. It is so disheartening as the description of Bubble is The Freedom to Bring Your Idea to Life. No Limits. No Code. Sign Up & Try Bubble for Free. The Fastest, Cheapest, and Most Flexible Way to Build Your Product Idea. :frowning:

All of that marketing-related stuff about Bubble is essentially true, but it doesn’t come for free because Bubble’s learning curve is pretty steep, and they have always been open about that. It can take months or even years to become proficient with the platform, but if you go through the tutorials and academy videos and use other learning resources that are out there (and there are a lot of them), you can get going pretty quickly and then learn as you go.

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