Binance API integration Support needed

I need support for payment APi integration with binance, to get wallet ID and bar code
can someone please assist by telling me the best way to get started on bubble api interface, screenshot and workflow suggestions will be greatly appreacited

Hey @moserbcudi, Bubble has a very good tutorial for the API-connector, watch it and you will be able to integrate Binance’s API.

Thanks for this I will look through it

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@gerbertdelangen thanks for this information I’m currently going through it and trying to integrate sendgrid api post api for a start but my connection fails looking at the screenshot what do you think could be the reason for this error.

Hey M, it’s probably the header, it should ‘Authorization’ instead of ‘Authentication’.

Thanks for the response I made the change but the problem remains. kindly see the image

Hey Moser,

The configuration below works for me:

See result kindly

![Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 3.24.20 PM|690x337]

This is a new error, either your url is not good (maybe contains hidden chars, so clear it and copy paste the url from the documentation) or your Api key does not have the right authorization. This you can change in the settings in your Sendgrid account.