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Bing Search API - How to use it

For all of you willing to call the Bing Search API (web, images, news,etc) using the API connector:

1-Login into Azure Market Place
2- Get your api key for the bing search api
3- in the API connector use the URL input to fill the complete query, for example:‘Barcelona’&$format=json&$top=1 (observe that the query always has the format %27your_query%27, $format=json is mandatory, top= is the number of results you want, and Image? is the type of query) …is also possible to add other parameters to your Url (you’ll find the docs in the azure’s website)
4- Check the “client safe” check box in order to change your query when using it
5- IMPORTANT! YOU HAVE TO INTRODUCE YOUR API ID in the headers as follows:
key (Authorization) value (Basic (your key))
*note that there is an space between “basic” and “your key”