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Birdx - Platform to organize and prepare your job applications

Hello Bubble community,

I’m happy to present my first Bubble website : Birdx ( in (very) beta launch !

It’s a platform designed for job seekers to help the organization and preparation of job applications.

For the little story :wink:

I was looking for a job last year and my wife is currently looking for a job. We realized today how complicated and unsupported a job search is. A lot of apps/websites/tools are developed for employers, clearly less for job seekers… The first idea with Birdx was to help the organization of your different job applications and also the preparation job interview. We finally ended up in trying to support all the job applications steps (resume, cover letter and interview)…

Your feedbacks/critics/ideas are more than welcome!

Regarding Bubble :slight_smile:

I’m a UX and Design researcher, with background in social sciences, and I have to say that I was waiting for a loooong time something like Bubble. As a non-coder involved in the research/design/ideation of new apps and services, I’ve been often frustrated and stuck to make my ideas come to life, whether in my work or in my personal projects…Bubble represents a game changer for me regarding that and, even more, thinking through Bubble give me more ideas for future projects. Also, since the last three months of Bubble’s learning, it really helped me to understand better the logic of programming and to exchange more with some of my colleagues who are coders…Thanks for this!

All in all, I use this post also to send my congratulations to the founders for the development of Bubble and to the community for the engagement and learning provided!



@mattmazzega looks clean and well thought out. I thought the “please rotate your phone” was a great touch. Could you share how you did this if its JS etc thanks

Hi @Tim_h

Its easier than a js, it’s just a popup with a gif in it that appears if condition if true (page width < 500).

Note that I also have a condition about page width on page load to direct the user to an index designed for desktop or another one designed for mobile.


Great work. Keep it up.

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Awesome, congrats on the beta!

What’s the meaning behind the name? :slight_smile:


Well, it started with something about bird that go out from the nest to his/her next job…it ended up with Birdx I don’t know exactly how…power/weirdness of iterations… :slight_smile:

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Hi the Community,

One quick question :slight_smile:

I realized that between two page loading, for less than one second, I got a blank page with this symbol on it " :), ", do any of you know where it come from and where I can change it in Bubble ?

Thanks a lot!