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Black Friday 2022 🦃 Sale: Calendar Grid Pro, Parallels, Floppy on Sale through Nov 27, 2022

Well, hey there, Bubblers… In honor of the upcoming non-denominational celebration of consumer culture… err, the “holiday season”… All @keith commercial plugins are available at discounted “buy once” pricing through this Sunday, November 27. This sale includes:

Calendar Grid Pro subscribe for $5/mo or buy for $50 once (usual price $10/$100) and I don’t think I’ve ever put this one on sale.

Parallels: Date/Range Transformer subscribe for $5 or buy for $10 once (usual price $5/$20)

And my newest commercial plugin Floppy: localStorage, Lists & more! subscribe for $6 or buy for $7 (like, why would you even subscribe!? usual price $6/$12 and likely to increase in the near future) - Floppy is getting some cool new features very soon after some testing is completed on the next release candidate.

After Nov 27, 2022, these will go back to their previous prices.

Wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, even if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t read the manual. :wink: :turkey:


Thank you for the offer

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Reminder as you fall into a tryptophan coma and fight with your relatives: @keith plugins Black Friday sale continues!

Reminder that today is the last day to get discounts on my commercial plugins! (It’ll run a bit into Cyber Monday, but…)

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