bloblUrl - Compressing - Need Explanation!

Hi there !

I’ve made some changes in a plugin to compress image files (MIT).

What is impressing me is that compressed bolbUrls are published beforhand file uploads.

looking at my Network, bolbUrls are published 4 to 5 seconds beforhand a file upload completes…

How is it possible to compress a file before uploading it?
Is there a way to stop uploading process since I already have blobUrls?

I don’t need to wait 10 seconds to complete this upload, since I just need compressed file…

Here is Network graphic

Any expert on JS ? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question as I’m not familiar with your plugin, but blob urls are local to the browser. You can use it, for example, as an src value for an image that user opens locally, you don’t need to upload it anywhere to display such an image. So there’s no magic there, everything seems logical…

I’m generating blobUrls from uploaded files…
it is a very fast process (takes ms), but uploading process continues after that…
I’d like to halt, abort, I dont know the right process…
Since I already have the blobUrl, I don’t need to wait the file to be completely uploaded (+8 seconds…)

Sorry, if you’d like to have an answer from me, you need to provide more details.
Would be perfect if you can put a piece of code or BPMN pool describing what’s happening precisely at that moment. Your generic description gives me no clue, unfortunately.
Friendly joking, if you don’t want uploaded files to be uploaded, just don’t upload :wink:
I’m not sure that uploaded is a correct term as you most probably didn’t yet upload it at that moment, but I’m not sure… If you have them uploaded, then why do you upload them again? Well, as you can see, it’s quite a specific question that needs precise details.

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