Block Bad Email Providers (advice)

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to block certain domains from registering based upon their email domain eg block skiff, protonmail etc?

I’d like to pre empt the potential users who love to clawback their stripe payments after use who typically use dodgy emails.


FingerprintJS is also useful for detecting if a user is using multiple accounts (to claim multiple free trials)

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Maybe add a only-when condition to the workflow when a user is signing up, e.a.g when input e-mail doasnt contain @protonmol.

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Thanks for this one. Any tutorials how to add?

Great idea.

It couldn’t be simpler, the API request is on the page I sent you. Just send the email to the API when user tries to sign up and if it’s a disposable email show an error message and terminate the workflow.

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Ok, thanks. Will trial and error now :slight_smile:

No problem.


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