Blocking, Disabling/Deleting Acct, TOS, Privacy Policy


Question. What has everyone done to implement the adding of these features to your apps? I’m looking to have these added & I don’t know where to begin to look. Any pointers, ideas or examples?




  • You can add a yes/no DB field such as blocked? for your users. Then add a workflow to change the field when required.


  • Run a workflow to delete the user “thing” aka delete the DB entry for the user


Thank you for your prompt reply. Most appreciated!

For Disabling/Deleting, will this allow the user to have the option to do so? For example: User clicks Acct Settings. User sees option to temporarily Disable acct. And an option to Delete acct.

It’s up to you how you want to implement it.

You can have a button for deletion. Once the user confirms, you’ll run the workflow to delete that user’s entry in the DB. Last step in the workflow would be to send them to some page that doesn’t require a user logged in.

Gotcha! Thanks!

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