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Blockspring Block Help

Trying Blockspring for the first time. Was already authenticated to the trial version as an individual (which of course expired). Have upgraded to the team subscription. Re-authenticated the blockspring plugin and it shows the team name correctly so I assume Bubble must be properly connected.

I have installed the QR Generator block and I am trying to use it to display a QR code for a shortened URL I have in my app. I have put an image element on the page, set dynamic to “Get data from an external API,” selected the QR generator block, and used the field that contains the url as the text for the QR.

However, it doesn’t generate an image. Running debug step-by-step reveals this error, but Im not sure if this is a Bubble or Blockspring issue:

Blockspring error: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/tmp/blockspring/0b38bd8d2a5a24a03b777914ec92d53d/”, line 105, in blockspring.define(block) File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/blockspring/”, line 207, in define block(request, response) File “/tmp/blockspring/0b38bd8d2a5a24a03b777914ec92d53d/”, line 97, in block size = int(request.params[“size”]), KeyError: ‘size’

Would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

That’s a blockspring bug.

OK. Can you suggest where to get help with that? I can’t find anything on the Blockspring site that suggests there is anyone there to offer support.