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Blockspring error: file_id

Trying to create a chart with a google sheet and i keep getting this error message but everything works fine when i test in blockspring and it doesn´t work on the line/chart… Are this options compatible… what am i missing?.. Is it possible to create a chart by uploading an excel or google sheet?.. PLease help… I´m stuck

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I’m in the same situation here. This is really strange. Did you find any fix yet?

No, nothing yet…

@emmanuel do you have any insight here. Here’s a video of us trying to get it fixed.

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It’s a Blockspring error message, that means the file_id is missing I think, but I really can’t tell.

Did you get a chance to watch the video? I’m pretty sure the file_id is in correctly. Are you sure there’s not a bug?

I did, but the video isn’t very helpful here. A link would be better. But again, it’s a message returned by blockspring, so if the file_id is correct, it’s on their end.

I’m getting this same message as well. I followed a tutorial exactly as displayed in a video where it works, yet I receive the file_id error. Data renders correctly when setting up the parameters for the API connecting to google sheets. Very strange.