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Blocksprings "Read Cell" cannot save to number field


when I pull data from a google sheet via blockspring “Read Cell” it does not let me save to a number field on the thing. I was able to workaround this problem so far by saving it to a text field and then displaying the text field to an input and then again saving the inputs data to the number field.

However, now I would like to use API Workflows and there (of course) such option does not exist.

Is somebody more creative than me and knows a solution to this problem? The data in the google sheet are prices. And in order to sort repeating groups etc. by price I need the price as a number and not text.

Thanks for any input!


Somebody any idea?

I have a little API that does this …

Just replace the string with the Blockspring cell’s string via making the URL client safe and calling it from the workflow.

More details here…


Thank you Nigel! This works!
I am currently using your API. I hope you don’t delete it anytime soon. :wink: If so, I will try to replicate it in

I also want to thank you for all the knowledge and tipps you are sharing with us (ton of gold). I learned a lot just by reading your answers to other questions. Even when I did not need that feature/problem resolution at that particular time. Sometimes I just remembered that there was an answer by you on something similiar and then I searched the forum for it and it always helped me. I hope you will continue to help us here :slight_smile:

No intention to remove it, I have been looking at creating a few more of these little microservices. They seem to suit Bubble very well. I just need to get better at node.js !