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Blog article: Bubble vs .NET. Bubble project came in at 33% of the cost

My prospective client provided a detailed spec for a business app to 9x dev agencies. The median Bubble quote was 33% of the .NET quotes.

Details here:


The moral of the article for me… I’m an idiot who hasn’t charged nearly enough for the Bubble apps I have built for folks over the years. Thanks, Will! :wink:


Good read - But to me, it’s like comparing a motorcycle to an 18 wheeler truck. Do both get you to your destination? Sure! Do both give you the same performance/functionality? No…

I would’ve enjoyed seeing the scope of work for some reference - We all know Bubble has expansive features, but when it comes to larger projects, it may not hold to “traditional” software practices.

P.S. .NET developers salaries are through the roof now. That alone probably has the largest impact on this cost. What’s the avg salary for a “bubbler”? Unknown… Just food for thought! :blush: Thank you for the article Will!

P.S.S. I’d prefer the motorcycle (Bubble) :wink:



You probably should disclaim that this is a bit of an advertisement for your company.

Further, the benefits from using a traditional platform such as .NET aren’t going to be understood by most non-developers who might struggle once they run into performance problems or technical issues that Bubble has difficulty handling.

What would be a better analysis is the breakdown of hours estimated to complete the project. As both a .NET developer and a Bubble developer, I don’t really find your analysis fair to .NET or helpful to the Bubble community. Bubble’s strength is to allow faster development and iteration. If this is strictly about project cost you can find plenty of .NET developers who will work for $10/hr and lower your .NET quotes 33%. I wouldn’t, however, make any guarantees on the quality of code that you would receive.

Pro Bubble Devs are likely to be earning similar to other Devs, or at least heading that way.

Bubble is actively working on the features that it is missing, that will take it’s product to the next level. For example, they are working on a new version control system (@jj11 keeps talking about it on Twitter - he is giving feedback to the product team). In 1-2 years, the capability gap will be mostly closed.

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Hi @bubble.trouble

Most things are an ad for something, so don’t take yourself too seriously!

What I’ve presented is what it is.

Both my prospective client and I value code quality and due process, and so the quotes compared (i.e not discarded from the analysis) were from providers where this was assessed and assumed.

I’ve written plenty of other articles about the limitations of Bubble on the same Blog - take the article for what it is, rather than expecting it to be a comprehensive comparison of the two tools.

@mikeloc yeah, it’s really up to you to demonstrate your value to clients.

I’m glad you took this away!