Blog-o-rama: sample blog with clean URLs

Greetings, Bubblers!

Below is a link to a sample blog to showcase some of what can be done with Sudsy Page. It’s by no means polished, but I wanted to get something out there. Hopefully, it at least gives an idea of the potential…

Sudsy Page Blog Demo

I chose to use a blog/posts/YYYY/MM/post-slug format for the URLs, since I had already used categories for the other demo. I plan to make access to edit mode available after some clean-up and comments. Both demos make good use of Bubble’s “reactive” UI capabilities. (And of course, note the URLs as you hover, click, and navigate the links.)

This blog layout represents one of several that I thought made for a relatively “clean and uncluttered” UI for listing, searching, and browsing. (Please note that only the post title is searched in this demo.)

I will also be improving and expanding the Sudsy Page documentation, including a more conceptual overview. (I’ll try to make a super simple example Bubble page as well.)

Comments and feedback welcome!