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[Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble

Hey @stephane thanks so much! Pretty impressive

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Thanks so much for amazing tutorial @stephane!

I am just following it now, I don’t seem to have the ‘Accelerate this domain using Cloudflare’ checkbox in my domain settings. I’m on a professional plan, has anyone else had problems with this?

We migrated from .paris to .world and we don’t have this checkbox anymore swell…
We’ve asked bubble and it seems they did this for legacy domain names.
We asked them if they could put it back, waiting for their answer :slight_smile: cc @jess


Hey @stephane, thanks for all your work on this. I’m trying to work out the best plan of attack for my new blog - have you heard back on this?

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not yet - we are still waiting an answer from the bubble team…

Bad news everyone.

This is really sad but you won’t be to customise your CF settings, thus make the routing feature I have explained.

cc @nickhutton13 @jamesdevonport


Ahh that is a real shame.

Wonder if there is any other way we can achieve it, I really want to get my blog to be at rather than

I tried doing it all in Bubble but don’t want to waste time building a blogging engine when I could just use Ghost and focus on building my product!


Yeah that is really disappointing!

Agreed @jamesdevonport, Ghost does a lot of the heavy lifting for this stuff and would be keen to not focus on that.

Interested to get your opinion on what you think the best course of action for SEO is now on this @jamesdevonport @stephane ?

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We are thinking about injecting the ghost blog inside a bubble page with javascript.
However we are not sure about the performance and responsive rendering.

We could release it as a plugin but it will take way more time…

For the moment we have our old blog built on bubble


At the moment I am going to keep mine at

I really hope there is a solution at some point for hosting it at /blog - there seem to be real benefits to doing it, and the main Bubble blog seems to have that ability!


@jamesdevonport @nickhutton13 we managed to inject through js.

We still go through the CF worker because the code was already working we just tweaked it.

It is experimental :innocent: :

  • unsure about how SEO will workout
  • blog’s sitemap.xml still need to be fixed
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@stephane Wow this looks really promising!

Will be interested to hear how the experiment turns out :smiley:

I wonder how Bubble does it themselves, since their blog is at

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Looks really promising @stephane, thanks for sharing!

It looks like the Bubble blog uses Ghost according to Builtwith
Comparing their blog to their root domain, it looks like they’re using a reverse proxy themselves.


Took us some time to fix thesitemap.xml - we are monitoring the SEO results but /blog results start slowly coming up.

@jamesdevonport @nickhutton13 @johnny made a quick video :slight_smile:

Will update the blog post asap


This looks great, do you think there is anyway to prevent the flashing which occurs when you first load the /blog page? Thanks for the video, great demo!

yeah maybe fading or something before inserting the html. we will give a try :slight_smile:

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