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Over the past several years i’ve spent a ton of time creating sites which I think personally are fantastic :wink: however once i’ve finished them i didn’t know what to do with them. Obviously I could spend time doing SEO (which can take a long time), Spend $$ on advertising or spam my site through any channel I could think of, This is next to impossible now anyway. I obviously had more interest in the creation of a website then working with it.

My idea was simple, Site like Youtube but for websites. A place where people who post blogs, updates, even people who want to share e-commerce products or just ‘Their’ idea can get exposure. Some websites already do have a similar concept but not how i envisioned it, So I created it myself.

How does it work?

  1. User signs up (User can comment, Like/Dislike/Subscribe)
  2. If a user want’s to upload, They can create a ‘Channel’ (Channel can upload)

Why would someone use this platform?

  1. Free traffic
  2. Make money using two components (Pledging and advertising)
  3. Authority by having a big following and guaranteed views from ‘Subscribers’
  4. Platform is free to use

What does Blogable solve?

  1. The ability to get your ideas/website/blog ‘Out there’ for free and without the hassles
  2. Get people coming back to your content regularly

How does the platform get users back to their own website?
The idea is simple, Create a catchy 300 excerpt/description and pull your audience in and wanting more, The more creative this is the more the visitors will want to go to your website.
Each post has a button which will link to either your site/post or whatever you want.

Where did the name come from?
I’ve come up with Blogable simply because i find everything can be blogged, Making it blog able.

List of things you can do

  • Subscribe to channels
  • Like/Dislike channels
  • Comment on posts
  • Message channels
  • Have multiple accounts, Ability to switch between channels without needing to enter passwords
  • Bulk Upload/Single Upload
  • Pledge to channels
  • Bell icon to get notification of upload
  • Post analytics for channels, Graphs of views, and who’s viewed.
  • ‘Read later’ Can save posts to read later
  • Report a post
  • Share a post

Things Blogable does

  • Subscription page
  • Recommended page, Which list things you may like
  • Latest Posts page, Shows posts which have just been uploaded.
  • Notification setup, Uploads/Messages/Comment replies
  • Disable/Enable certain features by user discretion
  • Ability to earn money
  • Tags, Search by Tags

This I personally believe is a great way to gain exposure, get a following and earn an income. You don’t even need a website to post, This could be somewhere to express yourself.

Please share your thoughts and please jump on and have a look, create a channel and post.


It looks really good. I definitely think it could be a “go to place” for people to find content that they are interested in. The design gives a nice relaxed feel.

I didn’t dive too deep into the features/user account etc. Will maybe do that at a later time.

One comment I can make: When I first opened the app, one of my instincts was “I wish the headlines were a bit bigger.” (on the homepage)

Seriously it’s really well done. Good luck!

Thanks mate, I couldn’t agree more with the headings. There’s also two views. List and grid.

Yes with the exploration. Will be a great way for users to find new content. Almost like a backwards google is finally ready for prime time. Great opportunity for users to post their bubble site on there or ecommerce.

I think there’s a whole swift of features to take advantage of. Working on more detailed post analytics however.

If you haven’t already, Sign up, Add your website and get a blue verified tick/badge on your channel.

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Bumping this back to the top!
This is really good @dylan.b.anderson, well done.
Just listed my own little game through it. Top marks :slight_smile:

Cheers man, I’ve accepted your verification badge. I like the idea of blogable, just need it to work.

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