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Blue green deployment

Still just prototyping but I want to start figuring out how I can do blue green deployment in production - basically having two production systems so you can push changes to one, do some more tests, switch over but be able to revert to the other if needed while minimizing risks and downtime. Would like to do this on Bubble if possible rather than go from dev/test to right to prod. If there is a way to do this or sort of do it, would like to hear about it. Thanks!

I would also like to see a staging area. Push the test to staging, pull the current live data to staging, then providing everything is working, push the staging to live(no data).

It maybe sits better at the mid tier subs level up, I.e. For larger deployed projects.

Definitely would like to see staging as well as 2 production systems. Probably a load balancer would be used. I heard the Chromebooks work sort of like this. There are actually 2 production OSes on your machine. The updates patches go to the hidden one so the user experiences no downtime like with Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Google can revert you to the other one if needed. This will be the mainstream method soon, but perhaps it should/could be an advanced and more expensive feature. I don’t want to be an admin but to push “code” changes live can be risky. I don’t have a practical need for this feature yet but we all will if our apps are successful.