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Blue Lights CAD Creators

Blue Lights is a CAD/MDT is a new Company, We offer many different CAD/MDT systems that are affordable for everyone!

What is a CAD/MDT? A CAD ( Computer Aided Dispatch ) is like a player database, you can register a character, with vehicles, weapons, and houses. If you get pulled over by LEO ( Law Enforcement Officer) they can look up the player’s character to see if they have a valid ID, etc. There is also a side for Tow, Dispatch, Fire/EMS and more! It is very helpful to have one, and it will be a wonderful investment to make if you have a RolePlay Community

Blue Lights Offers

  • CAD/MDT for sale
  • Roleplay Accessories
  • Amazing and affordable,
    -FiveRP CAD
  • Community Advertisment
  • Giveaways
    -Multiple CAD’s
    -FTO (Field Training Officers) System
    -Discord RP Servers
    -Police Ranks
    -Police Training Handbooks
    And Much More!

I am looking for a cad system can you help?

Hey @medic2812,

Check out Afterthought System on our main forum thread!