Blueline solutions | BLS | CAD/MDT Company

Blueline solutions is a company made by Andrew M.

they strive to give their customers the best service possible, we can offer you CAD/MDT’s and other products that are all affordable
What is CAD? -
**A CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) is a database, you can register your weapons, vehicles, virtual character, and houses. You can also add warrants to your virtual character to interact with the LEO (Law
Enforcement Officer). If you get pulled over by one, they can search up your Vehicle License plate or your name in the LEO section of the CAD to see if you have any warrants, valid ID, insurance, and a lot more! There are also a Dispatch, Tow, and Fire Section of the CAD. This system is very helpful and will make your Roleplay Experience better.

this server has many features such as:
professional and trained staff
affordable prices
partnering channel
always open/never-ending staff applications
counting channel
different bot’s to use
we create:
discord server’s
Google Forms

please join even if you’re not buying, it is worth it

Server Link: